GoPiGo Live Streaming

I’m new with the GoPiGo, so , I have the robot, I have the Pi camera, I made the SD card with your software, I managed to log into my raspberry pi through VNC.
The problem is:
This is a school project and I have to make a robot controlled by wifi and which make live streaming to my mobile device.
How do I connect the GoPiGo to my device to make live streaming ? If at school there is no WiFi, how can I connect the wifi from raspberry with my smartphone, in order to get an ip address ?

So: I have to present the GoPiGo at school, how I make the connection if there is no WiFi available ?

Thank you!

Hi lukone21,
You can use you mobile phone to create a wifi hotspot, which can then be accessed by the Raspberry Pi on the GoPiGo. Once the Pi is connected to the wifi hotspot from your phone, you should be able to control it from your phone. Here are a few links which would be help you out: and


Thank you for your answer.
But, how do I make the IP connection ?
If I don’t have only my smartphone and my gopigo ?
Please tell me the steps.
First think would be to set the raspberry to automatically connect to wifi, no?
Next step ?
Thank you !

You’ll have to configure it for the first time from a laptop or a computer with the ethernet connected. First turn on the mobile hotspot. Then log into the Pi via Ethernet and connect to the WiFi hotspot. Then turn off the pi and disconnect the ethernet. From the next time, the pi will automatically connect to the Mobile hotspot and you can use that to connect to the Pi in the class.