GoPiGo motor failure

I have now had to repair both of the motors I received with my GoPiGo. In both cases the copper strip leading from the brushes inside the motor casing have broken at the surface of terminal block where the leads connect. The wires have not broken - it is the copper strip itself. You have some sort of stress relief adhesive on the solder point for each lead, but it failed to protect the copper strips. Repair required me to disassemble the motors, modify of the terminal block, and solder a lead on inside the block. My repair is a poor fix for a properly assembled motor. I don’t think it be unreasonable at this time to request replacement motors. Please advise.

No one is arguing with you. I’m sorry about the hard time with the motors. Can you please contact us through our website here:

We’ll replace your motors. Please include a link to this forum post so everyone knows we’re on the same page. Thanks and again, I’m sorry about your experience with the motors.

Thanks for the help. I have provided a mailing address via the contact link above.

I just got our first GoPiGo connected via CINCH! Thanks for distributing this access mode. During the test demo, one of the motors was not working. After thorough examination, switching wires between left/right, the motor still did not work. I finally realized that the wire was weak when I applied gentle pressure on the lead into the motor, the wheel turned. Is it possible get a replacement motor? Thank you.

Hi @ecerny,

Thanks for reaching out to us, we will have one replaced, can you contact us here under the “General Questions and Feedback”.

Sorry for the frustration

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