GoPiGo no longer connects to computer[SOLVED]


Recently one of my motors stopped working so I changed both motors and went back to programming. When I tried to go to dex.local again the program I had been working on and all the other ones had been erased. The server address had been changed (of the gopigo) as well. I rerechanged the motors and I didn’t have “permission to access this server”. Returning to the new motors told me that dex.local’s server address could not be found. When I plugged it in with an Ethernet cable, the Ethernet didn’t even light up. When I changed the motors I noticed that the plastic base had been broken and I fixed it accordingly. This must mean that the gopigo fell at some point but I have no idea how. Any help??? :frowning:


Hi @ikhouider,

Can you tell us a little about the status of the Raspberry Pi LEDs on boot. Are you able to see the ACT-Green LED blinking ? If this LED stays solid Green without blinking or if doesn’t turn on, then there your SD card might be corrupt or damaged. In that case you should try re-burning the image and install it following the instructions given here.

Can you also try booting your Pi connected to a monitor and tell us what you see.



The LED doesn’t even turn on…


Hi @ikhouider,

In that case you should try re-burning the image and install it following the link posted in the previous post and also double check your power supply. Try using a USB cable connected to your laptop/computer as the supply and try to boot.



Thanks @Shoban!
I will have to restart all my codes :weary::scream::dizzy_face:
But at least my robot is connected :slight_smile:


Hi @ikhouider,

Glad that you are able to connect to GoPiGo. As a heads up, please do have all your code in a separate folder and not inside the Dexter Industries Robots related folders.



How could I do that?


Hi @ikhouider,

Yes to do that you can copy your work to a separate folder using the cp command.

So you can create a copy of the files by first going to the location of the file and then:
sudo cp <Filename which you want to copy> <Path of the destination where you want the file to be copied>

ex: sudo cp /home/pi/myfolder/ - This command copies the python script named to a folder called myfolder.



where do i type this? The command line? and where does it save? Can it save on my desktop? would it be safer to do a screenshot?


Hi @ikhouider,

You will have to type this in your command line. First navigate to the folder where you have the file to be copied. Then use the command sudo cp filename /home/pi/Desktop/ to copy to your Desktop folder.

If you find this difficult you can also copy your files to your computer. To do this if you are using a MAC computer refer to the tutorial here and if you are using a Windows computer refer to the tutorial here.

Taking screenshots is an option if you are comfortable with it.

Please let us know if this helps,

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