GoPiGo not moving

I am using the Raspbian for Robots image. I am connected over wifi. When I use the python idle editor on vnc I type in from gopigo import * and forward() into the shell, but nothing happens on my gopigo. When I use the GoPiGo 3 control panel, the wheels spin correctly. When I test and troubleshoot the blue led comes on, and stays on. I have to reboot the Pi to get it to go off, and the wheels don’t turn during the test and the led doesn’t come on like it’s supposed to during the testing and troubleshooting.

Hello @matthew7v21
As you have a GoPiGo3, you need to use the gopigo3 library.

The GoPiGo3 library is object-based, so the code isn’t readily portable.
You can take a look at the documentation to see what I mean.