GoPiGo O/S and the new V3 Camera

First formal start of Charlene and I made two rapid discoveries:

  1. One of the blinkers doesn’t work.  This will require additional troubleshooting but is probably fixable.

  2. The new Raspberry Pi Camera V3 does not work with the latest GoPiGo O/S.

I am not sure but I am suspecting that there was a change in the camera libraries, (as I remember there was a change in the camera libraries), and the new camera requires the new library.

The issue this creates is that if you have GoPiGo O/S installed and try to use the “Drive” functionality from the on-board web page, you get enough space for the picture, but no video.  Not even a frame.

I am going to mess with it and document results here.



With respect to the current release of GoPiGo O/S, (3.0.3):
No vodka and caviar for you, comrade!

From the Pycamera GitHub repository:

From another site:

It appears that Picamera2 is a hard requirement for the V3 camera and to get Picamera2, you gotta have Bullseye or later.

There doesn’t even seem to be a way to side-load it.

There’s going to need to be an update to GoPiGo O/S using a later version of Raspberry Pi O/S.

Has anyone tried installing the GoPiGo libraries on Raspberry Pi O/S “Bookworm”?