GoPiGo OS has added to the content of the gpg3_config.json file

Today, while messing with GPGOS 3.0.1, I noticed a format change in the gpg3_config.json file.


The “old” format:

{"wheel-diameter": 66.5, "wheel-base-width": 120.5}

The new format:

{"wheel-diameter": 66.5, "wheel-base-width": 120.5, "ticks": 6, "motor_gear_ratio": 120}

I can totally understand why they did it, but there goes my archive of carefully crafted and saved config files for Charlie!

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Don’t understand that. The code is written such that you can put whatever you want in there, and handles the cases where the file does not exist or a parameter does not exist in the file.

Backups are usually a point in time (and code) where everything is “in sync” to do everything you have asked of it to that point, no? The moment anything is updated, be it as unused as Wolfram or as vital as ~/Dexter, all functionality is again suspect.

In the case of ~/Dexter (and the python site packages) all your backups are still valid.

Looking at that WBW makes me wonder if Charlie is supinating on the outside edge of his wheels? Very interesting. It actually increases the encoder accuracy for the wheel contact to be firmly on the inside or outside of the wheels, and especially that both wheels are either pronating or supinating. I originally thought I should try to achieve perfectly matched wheel tread to the floor, but then realized that the contact area would walk in and out making the bot weave a little and making turns less accurate.