GoPiGo OS has OpenCV and TFlite installed?

That is cool. I’ll have to torture myself with the net setup, the hold, update, and basic tests, then test out the OpenCV and TF-lite.


I’m currently working on a re-packaged version of GoPiGo O/S 3.0.1 that is not truncated and does not have the filesystem integrity issues I mentioned before.

I’m doing a test-flash right now. . . . (yes, at 2:30 am. . .)

I will post a link when it’s ready.  I will also send the link to the folks at M/R.


Ok, I found OpenCV v4.3.0 (/opt/opencv/opencv/build/bin/) but it is not “installed”:

pi@GoPiGo:~ $  /opt/opencv/opencv/build/bin/opencv_version 
pi@GoPiGo:~ $ pip3 freeze | grep opencv
pi@GoPiGo:~ $ 

Here is “installed” on Carl:

pi@Carl:~/Carl $ pip3 freeze | grep opencv
pi@Carl:~/Carl $ 

Likewise I don’t see TensorFlow-lite installed on GoPiGo OS:

pi@GoPiGo:~ $ sudo find / tflite_runtime | grep tflite_runtime
pi@GoPiGo:~ $ pip3 freeze | grep tflite
pi@GoPiGo:~ $

Here is TensorFlow-lite installed on Carl:

pi@Carl:~/Carl $ pip3 freeze | grep tflite
pi@Carl:~/Carl $ 

It appears they are available in the JupyterLab environment, but not installed for general use.

I don’t know my way around JupyterLabs to develop GoPiGo3 programs, let alone OpenCV or TFlite for GoPiGo3 programs.

So for OpenCV and TFlite on GoPiGo3 I’m going to stick with installing OpenCV and TFlite per the documentation to my “GoPiGo3 over Legacy PiOS” configuration.

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I wonder if they can be “installed for general use” since they’re already there?