GoPiGo & Other cards

Hello all.
My name is ben, from Bordeaux France.
I bought a Gopigo.

Unfortunately, my Raspberry Pi is dead (RIP) because of beginner usage. Im so sad.
My knowledges have grown since, but i did not buy a new Rasperry.

My question is : Do you think i can make my Gopigo work with An Arduino (DUE and Nano) or an ESP (i have these two sublime cards) instead of my Raspberry ?
I did not found anything on the net.
Any suggerstions ?

Thank a lot !

Whoa slow down! Who said your pi was broke? Could you create a new topic

  • Explaining what you thought broke it
  • whats wrong, including pictures of broken parts, error printouts on the screen.
  • what the status indicator lights are showing, is the green light blinking? Is the red light on?

You should in theory. I’m not sure what kind of interface is needed to communication protocol is used. You’ll need to find that out and take a look at the schematics and technical details

Please I’d highly recommend making a new thread before saying your RPi is broke, really.