GoPiGo power LED Green Light Flashing and Not Connecting

I assembled the gopigo starter kit and am ready to connect to it. I put 8 brand new AA duracell batteries in the battery pack and plugged the USB power adapter directly to the Raspberry Pi. When I plugged in the USB cable, the GoPiGo power LED light immediately started flashing green. I did not have to push the power button. It flashed endlessly and never powered up.

This happend last weekend. I assumed the DexterOS micro SD card was corrupted so I bought a new DexterOS SD card over amazon and it arrived today. I took out the old one, inserted the new one, went through the same process and am having the same problem.

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Hi @kathleenfmalone,

We’re very sorry to hear that. It seems like a bunch of SD cards got corrupted along the way for some reason. Just so you know, there’s no need in buying a 2nd card, since the one you already have can be flashed again.

What I suggest you is to install and then burn the image for DexterOS. More details on where and how you can download DexterOS can be found on our website here, but if you want a shortcut, just use the following link to download the image:

If there are any other questions regarding the process of burning the image or about anything related to this thread, just let us know so we can help you.

Thank you!

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I don’t have an SD card reader. I suppose I’m going to have to buy one now.

After a lot of confusion and returns of the wrong sd card reader type, I finally was able to burn DexterOS onto the corrupted micro-SD card and the car is working. It is amazingly cool and fun to play with. My kids love it. If it had worked out of the box like it’s supposed to, I would be beyond thrilled with this product.

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Our apologies for the hiccup with the card. We’re still trying to track what happened. You were not the only to receive a non-working SD card .