GoPiGo Robot Advanced wifi won't work

We have ordered 3 GoPiGo Robot Advanced Starter Kits, and when we turn the Robots on, the first green light turns on, but not the light for WIFI. None of our kits had the WIFI mini dongle included, because when we bought them, they said we didn’t need them, because the GoPiGo 3 red boards were included. We are not sure why we cannot get the Robots to turn on WIFI, maybe someone else here has had the same experience as us and can help.


Hi @avreywat,

So, first things first: the Raspberry Pi 3 that comes with your GoPiGo3 kit already has a built-in WiFi, so you don’t need to have a secondary adapter and that makes sense. So, you were correctly advised by those that sold you the kits.

Now, as to why the WiFi LED never turns on, I think that’s because you don’t have the right OS on your micro SD Card. Are you sure you’ve got DexterOS on your micro SD Card? Here’s a link to our webpage and you can find instructions there on how to burn an image on your card:

Please let us know how it goes for you.

Thank you!

Hello @avreywat

The Advanced Kit comes with Raspbian for Robots and not DexterOS. The wifi led turning green is a characteristic of DexterOS and not Raspbian for Robots.

Raspbian for Robots is meant for more advanced users who can configure their own network. It is not meant for everyone but you did say you got the advanced kit. If you want to stay with Raspbian for Robots, here’s a page to help get you started. Otherwise @RobertLucian has already given you the link with the instructions on how to get DexterOS.

I hope this helps clear up the confusion,


This might seem like a dumb question, but does DexterOS work with the kit I have purchased? If it does, I assume I will go to the link the person provided to buy it.

Yes @avreywat,

it will work with your kit. It is the exact same robot. The Advanced kit just has an extra ethernet cable in it :slight_smile:
The ethernet cable is needed to set Raspbian for Robots up but is not needed for DexterOS.


Alright! I tried downloading the DexterOS software for free, but when I open it, my computer tells me the file is invalid. Do I have to pay for it to download and work?

DexterOS is free but it’s a file format that most computers do not recognise. You do have to follow the 3 steps on this page


I actually found another place to download DexterOS and the other software for the advanced kit. Thanks for your help, I will return if the downloads do not work.