GoPiGo Robot Starter Kit and additional sensors


I purchased the GoPiGo Robot Starter Kit and the wireless camera. I was going to purchase more sensors but realized I might not have enough board connectors? How many sensors can I connect at the same time with whats included in the starter kit? Should I also purchase the GrovePi+ Board so I can add all the sensors at the same time?

Thanks for any help or advice

Hi @paul.reisinger,

Thanks for choosing GoPiGo. You can connect one Analog, Digital, i2c and Serial Sensor to GoPiGo. In addition to these you can also connect a Servo Motor. If you wish to connect more sensors then you will have to get a GrovePi connected to the I2C port of GoPiGo and use the GrovePi to connect more sensors.

Please let us know if this helps,

Excellent! Thank you!