GoPiGo rotates

My kid and I just assembled the GoPiGo this weekend and gave it a spin. The GoPiGo does respond to out commands (running over ssh) - but results in the wrong actions.

For example: the forward and back commands causes it to spin in place. However, the “m” and “n” (rotate left / right in place) actually does result in forward and backward motion! The left and right commands also causes spinning (one wheel is fixed depending on the command while the other causes the spin).

Any ideas / suggestions on how to fix the “spin” ? Note that the forward and backward motions do work when using the “rotate in place” commands.


I think you might have connected the wires the wrong way on one or both the motors. Can you turn the GoPiGo upside down, then give the forward command and swap the wires on the motor that is going the wrong way and try give the command again. This should solve your problems.