GoPiGo Servo - "enable_servo" is not defined



I am currently working through a Python Programming tutorial ( and continue to receive the following error message: “enable_servo()” is not defined.

I would appreciate any clarification that explains why this is occurring and what needs to be to solve this issue.

Many thanks.


Hello @Go_Pi_Go

Let’s try a couple of things.
Do you have the following line near the top of your code?
from gopigo import *

Are you using Raspbian for Robots, or plain Raspbian? If it’s plain Raspbian, have you installed the GoPiGo library?



Hi @cleoqc

I accidentally omitted “from gopigo import *” from my code. Wish I would have caught that…

Thanks for your assistance.


thank you for coming back and letting me know it worked.

I wish you success with the rest of the tutorial!

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