GoPiGo - space on SD card

My son continues to have problems getting his GoPiGo to respond. He has been trying to download a file (the file John sent him 3 weeks ago) on to his SD Card. He has an 8 GB SD Card. I attach a screen shot of the error he gets. It is very strange that the SD card seems to think it only has 55Mb of storage space when it is an 8 GB card. What should we do now?

This is not so strange. You have to expand the availlable space on youre sd card after installing immage!
How :
ssh pi@dex.local
Enter the password: robots1234
Then type:
sudo raspi-config
select option 1 expand filesystem

But remember if you try to access through WINDOWS 10 or 7 you will only sea the boot section.

I think drakenridder is a little mistaken. Keith, I was in contact with your son. I asked him to follow these directions:

It sounds like you are trying to drop and drag the downloaded file directly onto the SD Card using File Explorer. If you look closesly at the directions, you’ll see that you need to download a program to put it on your SD card. You’re not moving a file, you are actually installing what’s called an “image” on the sd card.

Hopefully this helps. Even if you don’t read the directions, please just watch the youtube video. We have them for both the Mac and the PC.