Gopigo start-up error

My gopigo has been acting up and I can’t fix it. Every time I try and load it up it freezes here is what it says (photo).

Looks like the the photo was not uploaded. Can you upload it again.


Looking at the output, it looks the SD card was corrupted; this can happen with an improper or sudden shutdown.

It’s actually quite easy to repair, and we have some thorough directions on a PC and a Mac here:

Thank you. Now that it starts up, I am unable to use the shortcut for the GoPiGo Scratch Start. On the SD cards that I purchased from Dexter with everything installed it worked, well but it has not worked on the ones that I have installed. Thank you again for your help!!

Looks like the scratch shortcuts are not made executable in the GoPiGo repository.

Try following the instructions here and let us know how it goes:


Thanks! That helped!