GoPiGo Turns Left When Directed to Turn Right


My son’s GoPiGo turns the opposite direction as instructed (using scratch) (left=right, right=left).

I’ve attached a picture of the wiring set-up for reference.

All help is greatly appreciated!


But it’s going forward and backward properly? Which way is it pointing when it’s going forward? Battery Pack first? Or battery pack last?

Hey Ryan, I suspect that you need to switch your wires:
1). Keep the pairs of wires where they are.
2). Move the white line to where the black line is and vice versa, for each pair.

Does this make sense?

Hilarious. My daughter turns to me and says, “Why it is going backwards?” I said, “It’s not.” She says, “Batteries are in the back, Dad.”

I hang my head in shame.

Thanks John and CleoQc!

I had a feeling…
Why? Cause I did the same when I got my GoPiGo. No shame there!

Ha ha ha, we’ve all been there. Really funny response. In truth, you can have the GoPiGo run any way you want to. Tell her you thought it was safer to have the batteries in front, like having an engine in front of a car: if you get into a head on collision, the batteries protect the driver and computer. :slight_smile: