GoPiGo Ultrasonic Sensor Script

I am 13 Years old and connect with my father a Ultrasonic Sensor to my GoPiGo an write a Script to drive the GoPiGo automaticly.I get only the power from the GoPiGo and connect the Trigger and Echo to GPIO 20 and 21.The Script is at the bottom so i would like hear your reply. Download here at Github:

What problem are you facing and and you upload a picture of the Ultrasonic sensor that you are using and from where the code to read from the ultrasonic sensor is derived.


I have no problem i would like only hear only some replys
and i didn’t have buy the cable from Dexter Industries to connect the Ultrasonic sensor so i do it myself.

How did the sensor work. It would be great to have another alternate way of making the ultrasonic sensor work. Also, do you have a link from where you got the sensor.



I’m also trying to work with a sensor I obtained from a 3rd party source so am following this thread with interest.

Can you advise what sort of connector I need to connect to the ports on the GoPiGo board?




i take the orignal plug for the GoPiGo board an only use the power cables for it and then i connetc with the plug for the GPIO the Trigger an Echo.


I found a Grove<->Female jumper cable that let me connect my sensor to the GoPiGo A1 port without any issue.


Hey caretriever, awesome! Can you post a link to where you found it so others can find it too?

Thanks! John