Gopigo wi-fi[SOLVED]

Does the wifi use 5GHz?

I think we’ve seen customers use both the 5 and the 2 band on routers. Do you have a dual band router?

We are only using the 5GHz radio.
Running wifi setup & scan for networks didn’t show our network.

Hey olscgopigo,
If you are using the Pi3, then it’ll only be able to use the 2.4Ghz Wifi with the onboard wifi module. If you are using the Pi2 or older boards, then it depends on the wifi module that you are using. Most the wifi modules only use 2.4GHz. If you look at the page here, there are only 2 wifi modules there which support 5Ghz. One of them is EW-7811UTC which is available on amazon here: The wiki has a note that First, connect to your device by cable, and use the following short guide to enable Wifi and connect to your network. Or follow the simpler OSMC guide. Good range. Raspbian requires manual driver installation and manual update after each kernel upgrade. We would recommend trying to get both 2.4 and 5Ghz working wiht your router and then using 2.4Ghz modules because they have been used widely with the Pi.


I was able to set up an Apple Airport Extreme WAP using the 2.4GHz radio/band.
GoPiGo’s now work well.

Glad to hear the problem is solved, thanks for letting us know! Karan thanks for the great insight on the wifi issue!