GopiGO wifi is annoying

Hi experts,

I’m trying to set up my wifi with wifi-dongle on GoPiGo kit. I basically set up this before but now when I connect to the GopiGo, it is automatically connected to the wlan1 not wlan0. ( But sometimes it’s connected with wlan0 but it can be completed with the wifi network. it keeps scanning…) so I re-imaged with the latest one and retried but it’s the same… I followed the video for wifi but I’m not sure why… I’m stuck in this stage… it would be much appreciated if you give me any advice…

Hi @mgchoi79,

If you have an external Wifi USB adapter connected to your Pi, try removing it and set up the Wifi connection with wlan0 (Wifi adapter that comes in built with Pi3) following our video here.

Please let us know if this works,