Gopigo will connect only to PI

Hello, We just assembled our GOPIGO with my daughter. We managed to connect via wifi to dexter OS yesterday and drove the robot around. Today unfortunately, when turned on, we are able to connect to the wifi of gopigo, ping will work with, but it will say that we are connected only to PI on top left in the browser and we cannot access the “” site. Battery pack is ok. the light for wifi on the gopigo board will not light up, though. Thank you for help.

Hi @abaghy,

I think you may be running an older version of DexterOS which had some problems after having run for a while. Could you flash your micro SD card again and see if it works?
The DexterOS image can be found on our website here:

Download it, flash it with Etcher, plug in the micro SD card and boot it up.

Let me know how it goes for you.

Thank you!