GoPiGo with DexterOS not booting up

My GoPiGo stopped working, it is stuck at the boot. I tried another
Dex OS I bought, it is getting booted through that OS. Who can help me in
getting the GoPiGo original OS working?
Amit Jindal

Hi @jindala,

Can you confirm us the following statements:

  • You have a GoPiGo and not a GoPiGo3.

  • You have on a micro SD Card the DexterOS image - and this image does not boot on your GoPiGo.

  • At the same time, you also have another micro SD Card with the DexterOS image on it. This one does work as opposed to the previous one.

Here are a couple of questions regarding your issue with DexterOS:

  • How do the LEDs blink on the Raspberry Pi while it’s booting up?

  • Does the WiFi ever show up? It has to be called GoPiGo.

  • How are you trying to connect to DexterOS.

Here’s an example of a successful boot-up:

Also, if you want to re-burn a DexterOS image on the supposed broken micro SD Card, then I suggest you follow this tutorial - link.

Please, answer to all these questions so that we can diagnose your issue efficiently.

Thank you!