GoPiGo with Google Cloud Speech API and Amazon Alexa


Great job on the tutorial of GoPiGo with Google Cloud Vision API

Is that possible you can provide a similar tutorial on GoPiGo with Google Cloud Speech API and Amazon Alexa?

I am working on GoPiGo with Amazon Alexa. If it works in the end, I can post a tutorial here. However, I still have trouble find sufficient information on integrating Google Speech API on GoPiGo (Raspberry Pi3). If Dexter can provide some information on this topic, that would be very helpful.


It’s a great idea and on our list!

John Cole.

Founder, Dexter Industries

Hi John,

Any help or pointers you’re aware of which I can use to have Amazon Alexa use google voice api ?

I’ve got Alexa running on my pi
I’ve setup skills on Amazon
Used Lambda on AWS
Have also used IFTTT to launch skills on my pi via Alexa

But am struggling on tying the above together to get Alexa to use the Google Logo (vision) api

I’ve got google vision apis working seperately on the same pi with the help of your scripts

I’d like to ask Alexa - what’s this
And then the google api kicks and , takes a photo, analyzes and Alexa returns the result from Google

Hi John,

Any updates on when the Alexa + Google Vision + GoPiGo project will be posted?

Thanks in advance…

Hey @faisalc it sounds like an interesting project, i’m sorry I missed this. It sounds like you’re on the right track here: where is it breaking down? What doesn’t seem to be communicating with the other? I would recommend a python program to make the two communicate.

@ajays, we have not had a chance to integrate all three in a project yet. I’m sorry!

Documentation is your friend. You are probably going to need to learn how to make a skill for alexa. Which is documented. Also check out the google vision page. You can find code samples and docs there.

Let me know how that works! That is something I have wanted to do myself.