GoPiGo won't power up

I bought a GoPiGo for my son for Christmas. We have never been able to get it to power up. Even when we just connect the battery and turn the switch on, we have never been able to get the LED to come on. As far as we have ever been able to tell, the unit has never worked.

We have noticed two things with it: the power cable looks like it is wired backwards (positive is where the negative should be). Also, when I check voltage across the LED, it shows 0V, indicating a possible short. Reversing the power wiring doesn’t make any difference.

Any thoughts?

Hey whatever, sorry to hear about this. If we shipped you defective hardware, we’ll replace it immediately.

Can you post a picture of the power cable connected to the GoPiGo? I just want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with how it’s installed.



John, I’ve attached a photo of the GoPiGo cable as it is connected to the robot. However, even reversing the cable, we have never been able to get any kind of response out of the robot, not even as much as an LED coming on.

Thanks for your response on this.

Hey Whatever, it does appear that the device shipped with a reversed cable. It’s probable this shorted out the power system, leaving you with a defective device.

Can you contact us through this page:

Amber will make sure we get a replacement out to you. We probably want to get the defective device back.

Again, I’m sorry about this. We’ll make it right.

I just saw your website request come through, and we should be shipping you a replacement. Sorry about this!