GoPiGo works with demo, not with scratch program

I am just getting started with my GoPiGo (Original version) and I have it all assembled and connected via wifi. I start up scratch for robots and run the demo and it works perfect. I enter the scratch program and execute and my robot does nothing. I see the code highlight to indicate that it is executing, but nothing is happening. What am I missing?

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Excellent question!

Are you using Dexter OS or the newer GoPiGo OS?

GoPiGo OS only works with the newest GoPiGo robots and not the original ones.

Did you select the “robot” actor instead of the cat?

I, myself, really don’t like the way Scratch works with the Dexter robots. I strongly recommend using Bloxter instead.

  • Scratch is very clumsy in a robotics environment.

  • Scratch is also, (IMHO), clumsy by design.

  • Bloxter, on the other hand, is a very direct and efficient implemention of Blockly and Edublocks.

  • It is well suited for GoPiGo programming as it is specifically designed with the GoPiGo in mind.

Try it and see what you think.

Let us know what happens.

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Thanks. I was able to fix my problem by updating the firmware to 1.6.

But I will also try Bloxter.

Is there an easy tutorial to install Bloxter on GoPiGo?


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What OS are you using?

I recommend that you use DexterOS 2.5.

That has Bloxter pre-installed and acts as it’s own WiFi hotspot. All you have to do is connect to it’s network, (“dex” I think), at and you get a web interface that lets you do anything you want.

What Pi do you have?