Gopigo2 assembly instructions

Sorry if I mispost in the wrong category. Just joined and I do not know my way around the gui.
I bought a gopigo2 kit through ebay and have been looking for instructions to check if I have all of the parts in the kit and also to start assembling it.
I went through the links on the home page looking for the gopigo2 assembly instructions but i always get redirected to the gopigo3 page. I have tried different methods to connect to the gopigo2 page but I always end up with gopigo3.

  1. Is there a link that would get me to the gopigo2 instructions?
  2. If there are parts missing will I be able to buy them from you?

Thank you

Hi @vitugvic,

You are encountering this issue because we’re reorganizing a bit these particular days - please give us a couple of days and we’ll be back with the assembly instructions for the GoPiGo2 product.
I’m going to associate the pending label to this thread.

@JohnC, you might want to hop in this one.

Thank you!

Thank you. I will try again after a few days.

May i, however, suggest the following:

  1. For links imbedded in the text, please make them bolder or use a different color so they will really stand out. I use a PC, win10 and Chrome and I really have to look hard to find them.
  2. Please add a button to create a new query or a response in the forum pages. Perhaps because I am a newbie but I had a hard time before I was able to send my posting to you.

Thank you

I am currently teaching a course that involves students using a copy of the Python API that is no longer available on the website. Is there an alternative location, such as Github, that has a copy of the old GoPiGo2 API? Thanks!

Hi @davidwatkins,

We have removed the GoPiGo2 from our website and we have opted to keep all the documentation for our old GoPiGos in our GoPiGo2 repository.

Here’s a link to what you want (it’s made of PDF documents):

Also, @vitugvic, I understand the problem with the highlighting of embedded links on our forums. We’ve been trying to find a solution for it for some time already, but there doesn’t seem to be an option to change the theme in discourse. Sometimes, it also drives me nuts and what I do is bold the link like in this example.
Regarding the 2nd thing, are you referring to a button so that the user can reply to a thread without going over the thread itself? I’m not sure I’m catching this one. Could you be a bit more explicit?

Thank you!