GoPiGo3 Assembly Instructions

Hey guys!
So only GoPiGo2 instructions exist and things have changed. Meanwhile I try to do it without instructions because the way the motors attach changed. :slight_smile:

Hey @graykevinb you can find assembly instructions for the GoPiGo3 here.

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Oh sorry. I google GoPiGo3 and got on the main GoPiGo starter kit page and clicked on the link for tutorials and instructions. That page brought me to the old instructions apparently. Anyways I assembled it! Thanks!

Did the instructions work ok? Any advice on how to improve them?

You told me where the instructions we’re after I assembled it. Too excited/impatient to wait so I built it! Yes I assembled it without instructions. Anyways I’ll look at the instructions and see what I think.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I looked at the instructions and they were very clear. As far as on how to improve them I really don’t know. I will try using them when I take apart the GoPiGo to fix the motors because I realized they are in the wrong place! So I’ll let you know if the instructions work.