GoPiGo3 At The Forefront Of Robotics!

TurtleBot4 is making a big deal of adding support for ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill:

We are happy to announce that TurtleBot 4 now supports ROS 2 Humble. TurtleBot 4, …

What’s new?

The integration with ROS 2 Humble now positions TurtleBot 4 at the forefront of robotics development.

GoPiGo3 has been supporting* ROS 2 Humble already for 8 months at the “forefront of robotics”

* (User supported on the GoPiGo3, that is.)


We need to start publishing articles about what we’re doing in the various journals.

We’re hiding our lamps under a bushel instead of putting them in the window.


Maybe you can twist the arm of someone in marketing so that they abstract some of our articles describing accomplishments we’ve made on the MR blogs and in the press?

We can’t expect the GoPiGo to gain traction without wheels.

What say ye?