GoPiGo3 cannot ping

Good day,

When trying to ping a GoPiGo3 when it is connected to ethernet to a laptop. Pinging leads to request timeouts. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi @randomuser,

You need to give us more details on what you’ve already done.
Here are some questions that helps you understand what I’m referring at:

  1. Are you using Raspbian For Robots or is it a fresh Jessie image?

  2. If it’s just a Jessie image, how did you install the GoPiGo3 repository?

  3. Is the GoPiGo3 connected to the same network as your laptop?

  4. How is the GoPiGo3 connected? Via an Ethernet cable or through WiFi?

And last, have you looked on our instructions?
Here’s a link to our instructions:

Thank you!

It would also help if we knew how you are pinging. For example ping pi@dex.local will not work, but ping dex.local should if your using Raspbian for Robots.