GOPiGO3 Computer Connection


We were previously able to connect to our GoPiGo3 robots via laptop. Now we can select the GoPiGo as the source then the light on the robot stays green and doesn’t connect. Help:)

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Hello @lsmelser,
pleased to meet you!
But not pleased the GoPiGo3 is being contrary :frowning:

Which version of DexterOS are you running? If you’re running DexterOS 2 and up, can you try running an update on it? You can follow our instructions here. . Please let us know if updating fixes the issue!


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We ran the update on one of our several updates. It didn’t seem to fix the issue. We have three of our robots connected after several hours of trouble shooting from an IP standpoint.

I’m confused. It seems to me that you were talking about a single GoPiGo in your first post. Then you talk about 3?
Did they all misbehave at the same time? If so, what changed ?
Also, which version of DexterOS are you running?


Hi Cleo,

Yes, we have several robots. Our IT professionals fixed the issue by setting up a manual IP address on the laptops using the format 10.10.10.x where x is a unique number. This fixed all robot connectivity issues.

Thanks for checking in!

Thanks for the info and glad to see the connectivity issues have been resolved. Hats off to your IT professionals! Mind if I ask a couple more questions? I would like to dig into this one and figure out what happened.

  1. All robots malfunctioned on the same day, presumably at the same time.
  2. What version of DexterOS is on the robots?
  3. Assigning an IP to the laptops fixed the issue. But they were working the last time you used the robots. What changed in their environment??



Great stuff thanks for the information :+1: