GoPiGo3 Wheel Base Edit Box Issue

If, like me, you desire the most accurate turns possible when using the egpg.turn_degrees(90) method, the best wheel base parameter may end up having a two digit precision, such as 114.05 mm.

The latest Raspbian For Robots desktop GoPiGo3 Control Panel app will cut off the last digit. I have submitted an issue on github for this.

If you want to fix this temporarily, edit /home/pi/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Software/Python/Examples/Control_Panel/

        # self.wheel_base_input = wx.TextCtrl(self, value=str(wheel_base_width), size=(60, 40))
        self.wheel_base_input = wx.TextCtrl(self, value=str(wheel_base_width), size=(70, 40))

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Sounds simple enough. Do you want to go ahead and submit a Pull Request?

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Don’t know how, sorry.

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I will incorporate this into my updated control panel code.

How do we submit a pull request? What credentials/access rights do we need, if any?

I will be happy to send you one updated code if you wish.

Do you think both parameters would benefit from the extra precision?

Because Wheel dia. Only has two digits before the decimal point the edit box already allows for two digit precision.

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