GoPiGo3 Control Panel on Pi5 with 64-bit PiOS Bookworm Desktop

Just for grins I thought I’d see if the GoPiGo3 ControlPanel would run on my Pi5 with 64-bit PiOS Bookworm.

Short answer: No

Slightly longer answer: Interesting failure

  1. First attempt to run it: import wx → module wx not found
sudo apt install -y wxpython-tools
  1. Second attempt:
 File "/home/pi/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Software/Python/Examples/Control_Panel/", line 62, in __init__
    title_font = wx.Font( 15,
TypeError: Font(): arguments did not match any overloaded call:

And if you might be wondering how I got VNC working on 64-bit PiOS Bookworm Desktop?

Setup VNC GoPi5Go_Dave

PiOS Bookworm Desktop

As Of: 9 APR 2024

** Configure vncserver

sudo raspi-config
 - Use X11 window manager
 - Enable VNC Server
 - Start Desktop GUI require login at boot
 - reboot

TigerVNC will connect


First off, the GoPiGo interface utilities all require Python 2.

Second, once you get past whatever version GoPiGo-3 O/S is built on, a lot of the dependencies don’t work.  A lot of the reason is because certain dependencies don’t work on later versions of Python, and other stuff needs to be back-rev’d to an earlier version.

What really needs to happen is for someone, (probably me when I restart the Jetson Nano project again), to go through all the libraries and update them.