GoPiGo3 Dead with Battery, Fine with USB Power

With the GoPiGo3 Rechargeable Battery I get no response to power on. When RPi is connected to computer via USB than everything works fine and I can connect via VNC.

Tried different SD cards with Raspbian for Robots and also Dexter OS- same results

Measured battery output = over 10V

Why would the DEXTER board not be providing power?

How are you you powering up the Pi?

I’m not sure what you mean.

Normally the robot is powered by the 12V rechargeable battery pack, but this isn’t working.
If I provide power directly to the RPi via the micro USB port, then everything powers up normally.

Some things to check:

  1. Center conductor of the plug from the battery shows positive voltage over 7.6v
  2. Press power button, does led next to button start flashing green, then turn solid green after RPI finishes boot

If the led is red, your battery voltage is too low.

If led does not light at all battery jack polarity may be reversed, or battery voltage is way, way low.


Cyclicalobsessive, your things to check #1 struck a chord. My students working on this robot had broken the leads off the battery. When they repaired it they connected the leads backwards, providing a negative voltage on the center conductor of the plug.
I switched the leads around on the battery and now the robot powers on and operates normally.

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It’s a good thing that they provided reverse voltage protection - otherwise you’d have a Kentucky Fried Robot! :crazy_face::astonished::dizzy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: