GoPiGo3 Doc Issue - EasyDistanceSensor

Section 5.3. API - Library - Sensors does not have an EasyDistanceSensor section

Section Classes Short-List graphic does not contain the EasyDistanceSensor

Section Sensor/Actuator does not list the easysensor.distance_sensor APIs (that are missing from Section 5.3)

Hello @cyclicalobsessive

I understand this is confusing but the distance sensor is not a part of the GoPiGo3 documentation because it can be used with all our robots.

You will find its documentation here:

We will consider linking to it from the GoPiGo3 docs, if technically feasible.

Thanks for pointing it out!

Hi Cleo,

Oh, no problem. Since the EasyGoPiGo3.init_distance_sensor() method is included in the GoPiGo3 doc, and API methods are included for all the other sensors that have an EasyGoPiGo3.init_xxx method, the distinction was not evident.

I see that the other DI Sensors do not have init methods listed in the EasyGoPiGo3 doc, so perhaps the easiest is to remove the init_distance_sensor() API, and make mention of more sensors with a link to the DI-Sensors docs.

The DI docs are already very impressive for both content and organization. The DI product line has grown quickly and matured responsively to your users. Thanks.