GoPiGo3 does not turn in

I completed assembling GoPiGo3. I have original SD from Dexter Raspberry Pi 3. No Wifi dongle as the Raspberry Pi 3 has builtin WiFi. I also do not have the Dexter Industries USB flash.

The batteries are new. When pressing the power on GoPiGo nothing happens. However, If I connect the power directly to Rasberry Pi it works and I able to connect to GoPiGo WiFi from my laptop and access the Dexter block programming interface.

My issue is that GoPiGo would not start from the battery. Any help will be appreciated.

Hello @hodhabi,

Are you running DexterOS? If so which version?
If it is not version 2.2.2, please download this new version and try with that one.

I found the solution. There was a problem with the cable that connects the battery. I changed it and everything worked properly.

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