GoPiGo3 Firmware sources

I found the firmware sources for the GoPiGo in the github, but I can not found the sources for the GoPiGo3. Are they open source or as for the BrickPi3 they are closed ?
The purpose of my request is essentially to show to students some low-level programming.

Thank you for your hard work, we greatly appreciate the GoPiGo3 in our project class.

Hi @baskiotisn,

Our firmware for the GoPiGo3 and for BrickPi3 are closed source.
The only source that’s open to the public is the library with which you can control these 2 boards.

We are essentially trying to avoid what happened with Arduino. Hope this makes sense.

Thank you!

Ok thanks for the answer, I am unaware of the story with Arduino, but I have no doubts that you have your good reasons to keep the source closed.
Anyway, with the python source I have quite enough informations to document the low level communication between the RPi and the arm (for the story, your API is very interesting and quite powerfull and provides an opportune sand box for our student; at the same time, at the level that we teach at university, we want to push our students to redevelop it in order to apprehend the difficulties of the task).

Thank you again for you product!

Hi @baskiotisn,

Arduino lost ground as everyone was making boards off of their design and therefore no one wanted their board anymore. I’m really delighted to hear you like our platform and documentation.

Just a thought I’m having right now - maybe bringing a couple of logic analyzers into a lab may prove to be a really cool thing for students. This way, they can see signals go up and down and they can even have the chance to decode messages.

Maybe if you’ve got some time, you can even leave us a review - that would be real cool.

Thank you!