GoPiGo3 - How to update the repo?

I bought a GoPiGo3 base kit from Dexter Industries around 24th July 2017. However it looks like the API is not correct. It does not have the DistanceSensor class as well as the Servo stuff. It does not have init_servo(), init_distance_sensor() etc. I git cloned the GoPiGo3 repo on my mac. How do I upload it ? Should I just copy it to the supplied 8 GB flash drive?

Hello @Mukundan.agaram

How to get your GoPiGo3 up to date will depend which OS you are using.:
If you’re using Raspbian for Robots, you can use DI Update on the desktop
If you’re using Cinch, you can too but you need to connect your robot to a router via an Ethernet cable first.
If you have DexterOS we have an update in the making but it’s not quite ready yet (it’s undergoing internal tests first). You could call each sensor’s init method directly instead of using the init_ method.
my_gpg = easygopigo3.EasyGoPiGo3()
my_distance = easygopigo3.DistanceSensor(gpg=my_gpg)

Hope this helps.

Is there a way to get an updated in the interim I am using
the starter kit .

Hi Cleoqc,

I am using DexterOS. I can try out your recommendations except critical

functions such as Servo have been commented out… Thoughts on how to get
past that?



DexterOS is mostly meant for total beginners who use Bloxter. You seem to need more than that. May I suggest moving to Raspbian for Robots ?
You have a guide here to move to Raspbian for Robots. This will allow you to upgrade the libraries as needed.

We will be coming up with an update for DexterOS, but it won’t be for a couple of weeks yet.