GoPiGo3 Line Follower


I’m trying to use the GPG3 in conjunction with the line follower and I’m having some calibration issues. Is the status light of the line follower supposed to flash red? If not, how can I remedy this?

If so, I’m not sure why perfectly white surfaces (sheets of printer paper) are being read as 800s and 700s (it usually looks like [857, 784, 781, 784, 838]) when I run the calibration. In addition, to this black lines are read in the high 900s (usually something like [995,978,977,984,996]). I suspect it is this similarity that causes the read position to be [1,1,1,1,1].

Can someone offer assistance? Thanks in advance!

Hello @cjirvene,

Yes the status line is supposed to flash red to indicate it’s getting power.

How high is the line follower compared to the surface? The sensors should be really close to the paper, 1 or 2 mm. The GoPIGo3 sits too high for the line follower with its default posts. We’re getting new ones (I don’t know the status - they may already be in - I have to check)

Can you post a photo of your line follower?
Thank you

Thanks for the quick response @cleoqc.

Yes, my GPG3 is much further than 1-2mm from the ground surface. Unfortunately, I have left town and won’t be able to post pictures of it until next week. I will post them here as soon as I am able. Although if I had to guess I’d say the line follower sits about 2-3 inches above the paper.

I will let @ChrisDooley know. He will contact you, if he hasn’t done so already.

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