GoPiGo3 longer motor cables

Hi, I’m building a custom chassis for my GoPiGo3 and was wondering if you have longer motor cables available. If not could you point me a part number for the plugs and gauge for the wire? I’m looking to make the cables about 80mm longer than the standard cables. Of course if that added length would cause problems that would be great to know as well. Many thanks!

We do sell longer power cables as part of the balanceBot kit. I’m not sure how long they are though. I’ll have to ask around.


Thanks, please let me know.

We do offer longer power cables, but we don’t currently offer longer motor cables.

Thanks, Matt. Do you have a part number or some info I can use to find the connectors used in the motor cable?

Could you cut and splice the cables to extend them? Make sure you keep the same pin order (connector on opposite sides, so pin 1 on end A connects to pin 1 and end B).

I don’t have a part number, but they are 2mm pitch. Try searching for PH-2.0 or PH-2.0 6-pin on eBay and Alibaba.

There are several pre-made cables of 20cm length listed on eBay, but they all seem to be cross-wired (the connectors are on the same side, so pin 1 on end A would connect with pin 6 on end B). There are also pigtails available on eBay, so you could solder four into two cables. I can’t guarantee compatibility, but I think these are correct.

I sent you a private message to discuss further.

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Thanks Matt! This will be helpful if the other option doesn’t workout.

I would also be interested in longer cables. I’ve ordered the ones you mentioned but I would prefer pre-made ones. Best.