GoPiGo3 Motor Driver Library - Not found


Could you please provide me the library link for GoPiGo3 motor driver. I found the library links for sensors of GoPiGo3 here( but not of the motor. For instance, if I have created an object GPG=gopigo3.GoPiGo3 and then I would like to use the command GPG.set_motor_power(input1,input2) - I could not find the documentation pertaining to the command.

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Hello @kyaser01

The easygopigo3 library is documented at the link you gave on readthedocs. But the base library,, is documented directly in the code.

You will find it here:

Hope this helps

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I am a total neo when it comes to coding this stuff, though not a totally clueless idiot.

Just on a lark, I decided to “read the code” for the easygopigo and gopigo libraries, (I don’t remember where they are right now, but if I can find them, you should have no problems at all!)

This was an education.

Real, honest-to-God written documentation would be a Good Thing, but in the meantime, the code is, (at least), somewhat well documented, and if you know an “if” statement from an “include” directive, you should have no problem.

IMHO, the gopigo library was a bit chewy, but gave you very fine-grained control over the 'bot. The “easygopigo” library was simpler, but glossed over certain things you might want to mess with in an advanced project.

As for me, I"d start with the easygopigo library and work up from there. 99.9999999…9999% of anything you might want to do should be covered by the easygopigo library, or a simple overload of existing methods.

Let us know what you accomplish!

Jim “JR”