GoPiGo3 motor parameters

Good evening, I want to know if somewhere is available the datasheet of the motors used for GoPiGo3, or at least if I can kwow the principal parameters (mechanical and electrical time constants, back EMF constant, Torque constant etc.). I could not find anywhere these informations, I need them to build a dynamic model in MATLAB for a MSc university thesis.

Thank you in advance

First, you should ask via or email

Second, as a GoPiGo3 user, I searched for a likely spec among motor suppliers and found a likely motor spec but have no idea if it is or not:

I need to have more precise specs because in internet there’re too many similar DC motors with many different characteristics. Also for the DC motor in image the voltage range is 3V-6V, but I think that the Gopigo3 ones reach 12V range.
The problem in my case is that I need to find at least the electrical part of the DC motor (armature resistance and inductance) for my model, so I need the information of the motor without the gear (since the gear introduces inertia that is difficult to compute).
I also tried to send emails to contacts you gave me, but they didn’t answer.

Perhaps you need a different thesis? A different bot?

44 years ago, my thesis was to build and prove a model of the dynamic forces on the rotor to stator seal of a Wankel engine. It became a fight between the advisor, the univ., and I nearly didn’t grad. The lawsuit continued years after I left the univ.

Pick wisely!

This was answered by email.

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