GoPiGo3 not broadcasting wifi network

Have just bought a GoPiGo3 to attach to an existing RaspberryPi3 Model B. Put it all together, powered up, all looks ok, solid green light on the red board, solid red light and intermittent green light on the green board. But no light at all at the LED antenna. And no WiFi network to connect to in the iPad settings.

I bought for the purpose the Dexter OS Robot software micro SD card. I only want to use Bloxter thru an iPad connection, so the DI website shop states I simply need to plug in and it will all happen.

Also using an existing WiFi dongle (supplied with the RaspberryPi), altho the construction instructions state in one place this is not necessary with RaspberryPi3. So have tried booting with and without, no difference.

Using an existing USB drive, but I assume this is not significant in the establishment of a WiFi network.


Hi @simonleiper,

That should not happen at all. I haven’t had any occurrence where the GoPiGo3’s LED doesn’t light up.
So, there must be something with the micro SD Card - are you sure it has DexterOS on it?

Here are the instructions on how to burn a new image:

Thank you!