GoPiGo3 password reset

So I got school project about GoPiGo but the wifi is password protected and nobody seems to know what the password was. Do I need to reset SD card or what?

Hello Digo,

Can you tell us what operating system is on the robot? DexterOS, GoPiGo OS, or Raspbian for Robots?

I’m not sure but I think it uses DexterOS. Last users just made it recognize tower of cans and crash into it.

Okay, found out that gopigo wifi is not even starting. Just mixed some neighbors wifi for gopigo’s

My gut feeling is that the SD card is corrupted. This would stop the raspberry pi from booting up!
Was there a sudden power loss when the GoPiGo got crashed into a tower of cans? Sudden power loss can lead to SD card corruption.

The good news is that all is not lost. You can re-image the SD card yourself.

The steps are detailled here: Download and Get DexterOS: The Easiest Way to Learn Coding

Thank you, I’m gonna try that and tell the results

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