GoPiGo3 power LED keeps flashing green, not connecting to wifi

I completely assembled my GoPiGo3, and when I press the power button the LED starts flashing green as it should. The problem is, it keeps doing this and it won’t connect to the wifi (the wifi LED wont turn on at all). I thought this was a problem with my SD card so I bought a new one with dexterOS installed on it, but it still didnt work. For clarity, I have a raspberry pi 4.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me out.

Hello Zayamtariq

I’m assuming you’re attempting to boot up with DexterOS? DexterOS does not support the Pi4 at the moment. With a Pi4, you will need to install raspbian for robots.
You can follow the instructions here

Sorry, I just saw this. Thank you so much I will try this.

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Hey so I’ve been trying the last few days to get this to work, but for some reason I can’t get my Raspberry Pi 4 to start up. Could it be that Raspbian for Robots isn’t yet compatible with the RPI4?


With a Pi4, you need the experimental version of Raspbian for Robots. The other version will not work.
You can get it here: