GoPiGo3 Python API Call Documentation

Good day,

I am testing the API on a brand new, freshly assembled GoPiGo3. I used
the testing programme on the desktop and the leds flashed and the wheels turned. However, when I try to make calls from the gopigo in Python (both 2 and 3) the GoPiGo3 does not heed the API calls, and when I try to read from the distance sensor using us_dist or read the voltage using volt, 0 is returned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Guys,
As a point of interest this is for the IT camp next week. We bought 10 of the gopigo3s. Very strange issue. Would greatly appreciate a fast resolution!

Good, we know your GoPiGo3 works. I suggest you start with the Documentation for the GoPiGo3 here.

You also may be importing the new library.
You would either need to run import easygopigo3 or import gopgio3
easygopigo3 is more easier, but not as powerful as the gopigo3 module.
You’ll also need to run this command GPGP3 (or whatever name you want to access the api with) = gopigo3

Thanks! We can make the GoPiGo3 robot move. However, we are not seeing the API calls for the distance sensor in the documentation. Any suggestion on where we can look?

Thank you @graykevinb for hopping in! @randomuser and @KrisManohar please note that the original link in @graykevinb’s post was wrong; it was for the GoPiGo2. I’ve updated the link for the GoPiGo3 directly in the post (it’s here) .

We have documentation for the GoPiGo3 Python in ReadtheDocs. This has detailed python documentation on the various GoPiGo3 calls. It should be polished up in a few days, but the vast majority of it is done. I’m just posting this here because you seem to be in a time tight pinch!

Please also note the extensive python examples here for the GoPiGo3.

Thank you.

Is there any extra software that we would need to install aside from the Raspbian that came loaded into the SD card that came with the kit?

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@randomuser: no, you should be good to go.