GoPiGo3 Recognized by PC; Stays "Green" & No Dexter OS

I have a batch of 22 GoPiGo3’s I bought last year. No issues with half of them.

The other half of them bootup, broadcast their signal (two green lights on board) and are recognized by laptops. However, the light never turns blue on the GoPiGo after the computer indicates it’s connected, and using, mygopigo [ dot] com, and bloxter [ dot ] com all do not pull up anything.

They all are on OS 1.3.2. I went through and updated to OS 1 and then 2 using this page ( The issue still persists.

We’ve also done hard restarts each time with the bots (holding the power button down). Also tried using 3 different PC types (one Dell Zbook, one Lenovo ideapad, and an HP machine) as well as Chrome & Edge.

I’m using DexterOS and do not have WiFi dongles.

bumping with @cleoqc mention (DI engineer)

Thanks @cyclicalobsessive Would love a solution so we can use these robots for our upcoming summer programs.

@cleoqc any recommendations on solutions?

Woah, sorry ! I seem to have missed your posts repeatedly. It wasn’t intentional, please forgive me!

We are working on a new version that hopefully will address this issue on GoPiGo3. It’s interesting to know that moving from DexterOS 1 to DexterOS 2 did not fix it.


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Quick clarification please,
did you move to DexterOS 2 by following the info here: as you stated,
Or by following the info here:

The latter is the proper approach. DexterOS 1 cannot be upgraded to DexterOS 2.

Hi @cleoqc! I’ll try using the second link you listed and let you know if it fixes the problem.

Interesting - I want one!