GoPiGo3 Servo Package - Is 0 left or right?

I don’t have the GoPiGo3 servo package, so need to ask:

When the GoPiGo3 Servo Package is installed on the GoPiGo3, per the DI Install Instructions,
Q) Is 0 degrees left or right? (I’m guessing left, shaft up.)

(I am creating a version of the GoPiGo Example
for the EasyGoPiGo3 with EasyDistanceSensor. I’m going to include a REVERSE_AXIS=False constant so the program can be easily changed for shaft down mountings, and shaft down tilt/pan configurations)

Hi @cyclicalobsessive,

I think the answer can be found by looking at how the servo is mounted on this GoPiGo3 project’s README while keeping in mind that when the servo is set to 0 it rotates to the left.

Thank you!