GoPiGo3 support for Raspberry Pi 4

Hello Community and Dexter team,

I have tried installing the gopigo package on Raspbian Buster but it fails to load the package in python. Here’s what I get when I try to load the package:


I wanted to know if anyone has figured a workout or when will Dexter release a update to support Raspbian Buster?


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Did you get any response, off forum, to this request?

I don’t have a RPi4 or Buster, and don’t have any connection to DI, but took a look at your error to see if anything jumped out at me.

Line 30 of the is trying to open the SPI device to talk to the hardware (GoPiGo3 board). The relevant code path is:

import spidev
GPG_SPI = spidev.SpiDev(), 1)

and is giving error FileNotFound.

I am guessing the “File” it is referring to might be /dev/spidev0.1 but it is just a guess.

When you type:

cat /boot/config.txt | grep spi

Do you see?


When you type:

ls /dev/spi*

Do you see?

/dev/spidev0.0  /dev/spidev0.1 

If not then either use raspi-config to enable spi or
sudo nano /boot/config.txt and uncomment #dtparam=spi=on (ctrl-x, y)
and then reboot

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