Gopigo3 university version

Is the camera a V1 (5MP) or V2 (8MP)?

is the included 9.6V 2000mAh NiMH battery pack provide enough V and A to run a fully loaded gopigo3 with camera, distance sensor, two servo motors, etc)? Have you looked at supplying a Lipo battery kit (11.v)

is the included 120V power supply just for the PI board. It would be great to have a power supply to replace the battery pack for programming and testing. That would be 12V and 3A (30-40W)?

is there bloxter and python code for all the included sensors (distance, light + colour, IR, remote control and IMU)?

The camera is V2.
Bloxter and Python support all sensors (even the IMU) although Bloxter support may be limited. You get much more freedom with the sensors when you go to Python. Bloxter will offer minimal options as it is aimed at beginners. Plenty of assumptions are made in order to simplify use. In Python, you have full control.

You can take a look at the Python library:
(sections 5 and 6)

thanx for the quick response:
is the PI 3 a B or B+ ?

We are still shipping with a Pi 3B, as we had some issues with the 3B+ burning out (I killed 3 myself and they were standalone Pis, not in a GPG).
The robot is fully compatible with the 3B+. For us it’s mainly a support issue as to why we’re still offering the Pi3B by default.


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