GoPiGo3 Wheels don't turn

I recently got the GoPiGo3 along with the balance kit. I assembled the whole robot and plugged in the motors and sensers, but when I try to run the basic script nothing happens. A message pops up telling me to press “Ok” on my remote to start balancing, so I do and then another message appears “Balancing, so let go of the robot.” After that point nothing happens. The wheels don’t turn at all and the robot just falls over.


log.txt (386 Bytes)

Hi @cas365 and woohoo for trying out the balancebot!

Do the wheels turn otherwise?

No, I tried to run a hardware test script and the wheels didn’t move at all during it. My next step was to switch out the motors for the wheels, and still had no success. So finally, I switched out the raspberry pi and then all of a sudden everything started to work. Both pis are raspberry pi 3 model B v 1.2

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The raspberry pi was the culprit? First time I hear of this behaviour. I’ve seen Pis fail before, but not in this way.
Thanks for reporting back and letting us know. Onwards to balancebot now!