GoPiGo3 WiFi Dongle?

The GoPiGo3 Beginner Starter kit ($199) comes with a RPi3 which has built-in WiFi. Why does the kit come with a WiFi Dongle?

I asked that myself…

The answer is their operating system cinch and DexterOS. They both create a WiFi hotspot and they for some reason decided to use a WiFi dongle to do that.
But why can’t it just use the built in WiFi???

I don’t know.

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@graykevinb has it correct: the new operating system DexterOS creates a pairing WiFi hotspot for an easy connection. The wifi dongle works better than the Pi3 wifi for this. So we ship it with the Beginner starter kit.

DexterOS also works with the onboard Pi wifi, so if you want to order it ala carte, you’re welcome to take the dongle out! Be forewarned you may not have as solid of a connection with the Pi3 built in wifi though.


I just finished assembling the Gopigo3 kit with camera. after turning on no wifi shows up. This kit DID NOT come with the wifi dingle so now I am stuck, please help

Hi @cyork1113,

Can you first tell us what version of the Raspberry Pi do you have?


Yes it the gopigo3 so most recent version, just purchased 2 months ago

Hi Robert,

I have the same issue. My kit doesn’t have a wifi dongle and I’m using pi 3 b and also have a pi 4 b.

Can I use a generic wifi dongle?

You no longer need a wifi dongle, if you have a Pi3, or a Pi4.
It was only needed with the Pi1, or Pi2.

Now if you are using Raspbian, or Raspbian for Robots, the antenna LED will only come on after you set up your network information. It’s unable to connect to the wifi without it.